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Human and Ecological Health

EA&E teams have an extensive experience providing scientific and engineering leadership in characterization, monitoring, and remediation. Staff on these teams excel in computational, laboratory, and field-based assessments of the transport, uptake, and metabolic fate of hazardous materials and in the development, implementation, and validation of strategies to protect human and ecological health.

Health Physics and Radiation Protection Sciences

Health Physics and Radiation Protection Sciences

Regulatory decision-makers worldwide rely on a variety of conceptual and computational models to inform decisions on protecting human health and safeguarding the environment. With internationally recognized expertise in health physics and environmental dosimetry, EA&E scientific and engineering teams have been conducting exposure, transport, dose, and risk analyses for decades and providing leadership in quantifying and qualifying radiological risks at sites worldwide.

Systems-Based Characterization, Assessment, and Monitoring

As the keystone of DOE's plan for long-term stewardship, our EA&E teams have developed processes and strategies to align comprehensive systems-based approaches to long-term assessment, monitoring, and stewardship of remediation sites for the DOE national complex, providing the scientific foundation for advanced monitoring and validation approaches well beyond traditional sampling and point-source based compliance monitoring.

See the Human and Ecological Health Brochures.

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